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We take the hassle out of washing the car or truck, and pets!

Auto Wash
Offering a full service wash from top to bottom, the auto wash is the easiest way to wash your vehicle. With options available from standard to deluxe, the auto wash is a must for anyone on the go. All our wash services accept debit and credit cards.

Bay Wash

All bays come equipped to handle any size vehicle, and make it quick to get washed and back on the road. Take your time lathering up your vehicles with our proven soap blends, and get those tires looking fresh. All our water is warm to help break the road grime, and our water is also filtered leaving finishes spot free.

Get the inside cleaned! Our vacuum systems are industrial strength, insuring all the dirt and dog hair is coming out of the interior of your ride. All the vacuums have plenty of hose length to insure you can get to any inch of your interior. Our vacuums even accept cards so don’t worry about not having enough quarters! 

Pet Wash
Bring your dogs by at the same time and get them washed! Our pet wash takes the hassle out of giving your friends a bath. No more garden hose or a messy bath tub, just bring them by and enjoy the ease of washing them in the heated pet wash room.

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